Sharing a few of the things buyers want to see in their ideal homes.



Before 2020, many buyers thought that investing time, effort, and money in big upgrades for their homes didn't always result in a significant return. However, once 2020 happened, everything changed.


People couldn't go to work and had to work from home, and kids needed homeschooling. As a result, we have witnessed a massive increase in requests from homebuyers for an in-home office, a dedicated Zoom room, or a space for creativity. Interestingly, architects and designers have also seen a rising demand for these spaces, so they are now incorporating them into their design plans. This trend has never been seen on this scale before. Architects are bridging the gap between personal and business life at home.


Therefore, adding this space will attract buyers. Also, if you're planning to redo your kitchen island, consider making it counter height to provide ample storage space underneath, then include electrical outlets. This simple addition can be a game-changer for buyers.


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