I’m back with one of the Frank Del Rio Team’s favorite vendors in town: Corrine Gamino from Pack My Parents, a moving service for the elderly.

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Today I’m joined once again by Corrine Gamino from Pack My Parents, a moving service that specializes in helping the elderly, to discuss the unique services her company offers.

So what makes Pack My Parents stand out from the crowd?

Corrine’s company is a personalized service that can help you with:

• Custom moving plans
Floor plans
Moving management
Sorting, organizing, and packing

A lot of floor plans that moving services offer aren’t up to scale. Pack My Parents will actually come into the home and do the measurements themselves so that they can be sure that everything will fit where it’s supposed to go in the new home. Then, they’ll go in and unpack all the moved possessions so that by the time the client comes home, all their things will be where they wanted them to be. The kitchen will be put away the way that they like, the towels will be hung, the bedroom will be all set up, and even the family photos will be displayed just the way they like.

Buying a new home is one of the biggest transactions that most people will engage in throughout their entire lives. Pack My Parents gives people peace of mind.



      Pack My Parents just wants to help their customers make the best decisions for themselves and to turn a difficult, uncertain process into a simple one.



One of the more common questions that Corrine receives is whether her services are bonded and insured.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where a lot of businesses and independent contractors shirk responsibility for any damages caused, but Pack My Parents’ services are, in fact, insured. If a box labeled “Fragile” is crushed during the move, the movers would be the ones held responsible, and the box would be covered by the insurance. Now, if something inside a box was damaged in the move but the box itself was unharmed, that would be a situation to call Corrine about. They take pride in their packing abilities and, in their view, a well-packed box should be able to move around without any of its contents rattling inside it.

When it comes to a big item like a TV, Corrine strongly recommends that you use your head when it comes to moving it: Should you pay the extra cost to have it packed and crated, or are you willing to just go buy a new one once you’ve moved? It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it; the insurance on such an item is only 60 cents per pound, but it will help you guarantee that your TV is protected during transport. They just want to help their customers make the best decisions for themselves and to turn a difficult, uncertain process into a simple one.

Finally, speaking from experience, if you’re selling the home you’re moving out of, I recommend that you give Corrine a call sooner than later. The business aspect of the transaction can come after you’ve gotten positioned with Pack My Parents.

If you would like to contact Pack My Parents, set up a consultation, or get an estimate, you can reach Corrine Gamino at (714) 388-6304 or you can visit her website at www.PackMyParents.com.

And as always, if you ever have any questions about real estate or needs regarding an upcoming transaction, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Frank Del Rio Team. We’d love to help you.