Feb. 27, 2018

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Showings

To maximize your home's showings, you need to appeal to a buyer's sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

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When showing your home while it’s on the market, it’s important to engage the buyers’ three senses: sight, sound, and smell.


As far as sight goes, this means decluttering and depersonalizing your home. Take down any excessive family photos or collectibles and anything else that might take the buyer’s focus off of your home. You want the buyer to be able to visualize themselves and their family in your home. If your home is vacant during its showings, I highly recommend virtually staging it. Some people have trouble visualizing the inside of a home, so virtual staging will help them a lot.


When it comes to smell, it’s critical that the moment a buyer walks through your home, their scent experience is positive. Lighting some scented candles, baking some cookies, or utilizing some air diffusers can be the perfect touch.



First impressions are everything.



In fact, I recently sold a home that had been sitting on the market with a different Realtor without any success because the owners didn’t realize their two Labradors had given the home a distinct pet odor that was turning buyers off. Once we got rid of the dog smell, it was like a completely different property. We sold it in record time for a record price, and the sellers were absolutely thrilled.


For sound, I recommend playing some soft music in the background. If you have windchimes or a fountain, that can help too. As we already know, first impressions are everything.


If you have any questions about how to prepare your home to sell it for the highest price possible in the quickest amount of time, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me a text. I’d love to help you.

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Sept. 21, 2017

Does Your Current Home Fit Your Needs?

Does your current home fit your needs? If you’ve been waiting to move up into a more luxurious property, now is the perfect time to do so.

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Today, Lauren Williams from JMJ Financial joins me to discuss a great opportunity in our current market.


Does your current house fit your needs? Does it seem like everyone else is moving up into more luxurious homes? What would it take for you to live your real estate dream life?


If you want to keep up with the Joneses, now is the time to make your move.


Local and national market conditions have created a great opportunity for those who are looking to move up into a premium or upscale home.


The National Association of Realtors reports that inventory levels are just a tad over four months. Locally, Orange and LA County have about three months of inventory.


Less than six months of inventory is considered a seller’s market. The market needs six to seven months of inventory in order to be a balanced or neutral market. However, the national market is in a seller’s market, as inventory has declined year over year for 25 consecutive months.


Homes for sale in lower-priced markets have seen double-digit drops in inventory. Inventory has declined by 60% for start-up homes and 13% for trade-off homes over the last 12 months. However, inventory in the premium market only dropped by 4%.

In other words, you have the option to sell your lower priced home in a seller’s market that only has 30 to 45 days of inventory. Then, you will enter a buyer’s market if you’re looking at high-end homes, which are on the market for about 120 to 160 days.

On the lending side, interest rates are at an all-time low. According to Lauren, jumbo rates are actually lower than the high-balance rates, so you can buy a higher-end home with a lower rate and a lower payment. Everyone wins!

The bottom line is if you’re thinking of listing your home and moving up into a higher-end market, now is the time to sit down with a real estate professional and evaluate your ability to do so. After all, homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes—why can’t you?

If you have any questions for Lauren, you can reach her at 714-625-0130. As always, if you have any questions about real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would be happy to help you!

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Sept. 6, 2017

Why Are More Boomerang Buyers About to Enter the Market?

The number of homebuyers in the real estate market is about to increase as boomerang buyers prepare to re-enter the market. 

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What are boomerang buyers and why are more of them entering the real estate market?


As a professional Realtor, I study home prices daily, as well as research studies that could impact our market so that our clients are two steps ahead of the marketplace.


A recent study by TransUnion, “The Bubble, the Burst, and Now—What Happened to the Consumer?” revealed that 1.5 million homeowners who were negatively impacted by the housing crises could re-enter the housing market between 2016 and 2019.





The interesting thing is that a good portion of buyers who have purchased a home over the last 12 months previously lost their mortgage through a short sale or have recovered from bankruptcy.


In fact, HousingWire recently analyzed data from the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and found that six million Americans will have their bankruptcies removed from their credit reports in the next five years. According to HousingWire, this could “send a flood of more homebuyers into the housing market.”


If you look at the video, there’s a chart that shows the total number of bankruptcies filed in the United States over the last two years. Over 3.3 million people have already waited the seven years necessary to remove their bankruptcies from their credit reports.





So, how exactly will this send a number of boomerang buyers into the housing market?


Think of the time lapse alone. As the article mentioned, in 2010 the number of Chapter 7 bankruptcies increased to nearly 1.14 million. Seven years later, those bankruptcies will fade from credit histories, enabling prospective buyers to become homeowners again once their credit scores improve.


Both reports show that there is an opportunity for the homeownership rate to increase drastically over the next few years as all of these boomerang buyers return to the market.


If your family was negatively impacted by the housing bust, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may be able to buy your dream home sooner than you think.


If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, now is the time. Housing inventory is low, interest rates are low, and buyer demand is high.


If you have any other questions about boomerang buyers or you’re curious about entering the housing market, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!



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Oct. 13, 2016

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Sept. 27, 2016

What Home Sellers Need to Know in Today’s Market

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Aug. 1, 2016

Why Paying Less Commission Will Cost You More Money

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Why is paying less commission going to cost you more money?

A good, strong, professional Realtor usually charges about 6% commission to list, market, and sell a property. Why are there Realtors out there who would charge less than half of that?

Let’s think about that for a moment. If a Realtor is going to reduce their fee to sell your home, what are they going to do professionally to market your home outside of the MLS? Because I specialize in listing and selling homes that other Realtors couldn’t sell, I can say from experience that most discount Realtors have extremely low marketing capabilities. Under their guidance, homes take longer to sell and receive lower offers due to their lack of negotiating experience.  

If you pay less, you’re going to get less.
At first, it seems like you would be saving 1% or 2% on commission, but in reality, you’re losing 4% to 7% on the sales process. Another thing you should be concerned with regarding a Realtor who reduces their fee (i.e. paycheck) is how strong their negotiating skills are in the first place. If they can’t even defend their own paycheck, how are they going to defend the equity in your home?

You want a Realtor who’s going to market your home aggressively, negotiate the highest dollar, and
has a great team behind them to give you world-class service. For example, we’re getting almost 5% more for our homes than the average Realtor in the marketplace. Our clients are walking away with almost $21,000 more than the average Realtor can get.

In real estate, you get what you pay for. If you pay less, you’re going to get less. Any Realtor that’s any good in this town, or any town, is going to charge at least 6%. Any agent that offers less is either part-time or new to the business. I can’t guarantee it, but 99% of the time I’m right.

If you’re thinking about selling or know somebody who is, call me or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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July 16, 2016

Preparing Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

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It’s summertime, and a lot of people are getting ready to sell their homes. If you’re in preparation mode, you want your home to look as good as possible to increase its value, but you don’t want to break the bank in preparing it. We have five easy and cost-effective ways you can spruce up your home’s value without investing a ton of money into the preparation.

1. Paint. A fresh coat of paint and a splash of color is an easy way to warm up a home and make it look more updated. Use a soft, neutral color to warmly welcome buyers. If you want to add some bright color, put it on the front door. It can differentiate your home from others on the outside and make it shine from the street.

2. Curb appeal. Aside from the front door, a few simple tasks can help your home look great to the buyers who are walking up to it. A layer of mulch is the easiest and quickest thing to do. Pulling weeds and making sure the yard is maintained by mowing and planting a few flowers here and there will make a big difference as well. Add touch-up paint to the eaves and baseboards too.
If you want to add some bright color, put it on the front door.
3. New appliances and hardware. Even if the rest of the kitchen needs work, new appliances or hardware can further entice a buyer.

4. Quick bathroom updates. A newly painted vanity, hardware, fixtures, and new lighting can make a tired bathroom look fresh again. A fluffy set of towels, a nice rug, and sleek accessories make the space look good too.

5. New bedding. You would be surprised how new bedding can transform the look of your bedroom for next to nothing. There are two schools of thought on how to apply this tip. You can either get a cheap bed set that looks nice, or spend a little more for something with the look and feel of luxury.

We have been helping a tremendous amount of homeowners get top dollar for their homes without breaking the bank in the process of getting it ready. If you want to talk more about your home, your future goals, or you’re just curious about how these things enhance your sale, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help.
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June 8, 2016

The Best Time of Year to Sell Is Nearly Over

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With less than a month left in the spring market, the best time of year to sell your home is about to end. The window of opportunity is closing, so if you want to take advantage of the strongest buyer demand of the year, now is the time to get your home on the market.
It is incredibly important in this market to price your home correctly. In Orange County, homes priced below $750,000 are in a hot market. Many sellers are drawing multiple offers, some even over asking price. The same is true for homes priced under $600,000 in LA County, as well as homes priced below $500,000 in the San Bernardino area.
There are already signs that the market is shifting.
That said, there are already signs that the market is starting to shift. Demand is peaking in certain price points and the active listing inventory is actually growing. Despite low interest rates, demand is not continuing to grow for two reasons: homes are not realistically priced, and graduations mark the beginning of summer distractions. Buyers are sidelined this time of year because they are out celebrating the successes of family and friends instead of looking for homes.
Don’t worry, though; this is a cyclical downshift in buyer demand. Every year, the listing inventory increases around this time and demand just naturally drops. When that happens, the market cools.

Overall, depending on your price point, the market is extremely hot, and interest rates are low. Still, it is a great time to buy and sell real estate. If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!
Feb. 19, 2016

Top 4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Realtor

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There are many great questions you could ask a real estate agent before hiring them, but today I want to talk about four specific questions that will quickly tell you whether you should work with this person or not.

  • Does the agent have a lot of experience? You’ll find that agents have varying levels of experience in the market. If you’re unsure about someone, ask about their track record and demand to see an agent report card. 
  • What is their communication plan for you? This is essential, and you need to be able to get in contact with your Realtor without hassle. Look for someone who is responsive, and someone who will not pass you off to an assistant.
  • Is this agent passive or active? You don’t want an agent to stick a sign in your yard and hope that it sells (it won’t). You need someone who has a dedicated marketing plan that utilizes social media, Internet marketing, print marketing, and word-of-mouth. 
  • Does the agent have the tools to sell your home? How do they generate leads? What is their marketing strategy? How will they get buyers inside your home? These are all questions that you need to be asking.

Thank you for your time. If you know someone who needs this information, please don’t hesitate to share it with them. I want to educate as many people as possible.

Thanks for watching!
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Feb. 10, 2016

Get Ahead of Your Competition in Southern California

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With the holiday distractions and New Year’s Resolutions behind us, the housing market in Orange and Los Angeles counties is thawing up! We’re picking up the pace and likewise, experiencing increased real estate activity.

Buyer demand actually dropped from the beginning of the year to the last week of January. That hasn’t happened in over a decade. You might be quick to blame the recent interest rate hike or global real estate market turmoil for this, but it’s not the case. Rates are lower today than ever before; the rate hike is intertwined with treasury bonds, not long-term loans. Although another rate hike could impact Southern California consumers, it’s unlikely to happen given international real estate instability and the fact it’s an election year. This creates a great opportunity for sellers.


The spring market approaches. There’s already an increase of inventory, but there’s less competition currently compared to the spring market. If you’re thinking of buying, it’s better to hit the ground running now rather than wait. Start today and get ahead.

I understand the local market and sell homes regardless of its climate. Although the media anticipates home prices will appreciate this year, it could work against you from supply and demand. There are more homes on the market compared to last year. More homes sit on the market, and there are more open houses as well. This happened eleven years ago just before the market shifted on everyone. Afterwards, so many clients told me how much they wished to sell their home before the market turned!

If this resonates with you, and you’d like to know your home’s value, let’s talk and get you ahead of your competition. Give me a call or email today!


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