Here’s another excellent client success story for the books!


One of our home-selling clients had listed their home on the market last year, right at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’ll recall, between March and June, the market was slow; if anything, we were experiencing a downturn in prices and showings. My sellers had to make a decision: Should they drop the price to sell the home, or should they weather the storm and come back to the market when things change?


Fortunately, my clients decided to take the home off the market for a while. During that time, we revamped the property and eventually put it back on the market this year. The current market is completely different from the one that existed when they first tried to sell. They could have put the home and the market and gotten slightly above fair market value, but instead, I suggested that we do something different and leverage the frenzy of the market.


"We got 40 offers on the home and ended up selling it for $147,000 over their asking price!"


The sellers allowed me to showcase the property in a unique way; we created some amazing videos that captured the story and essence of the home in a way that no one else could. Over three days, we had over 150 people come through for showings in five-minute increments. We made sure that every buyer who came through the property for a showing was financially qualified and excited about the property. We got 40 offers on the home and ended up selling it for $147,000 over their asking price!


I would love the opportunity to show you our marketing strategy and see if it’s a good fit for your situation. If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. Hope to hear from you soon!