Here’s how I helped a client buy and sell simultaneously with marketing.


How can you sell a home without being homeless while looking for a new one? Today I want to share an example of how I helped a client sell and buy at the same time. 


"Out of 44 showings, we brought in 18 buyers for negotiations."


This client had already purchased their next property, but it was new construction and wouldn’t be completed for five months. What could they do in the meantime? 


I sat down with them and gave them three pricing options. They chose to price their home right at market value. From there, my team would use our marketing to create a buying frenzy. We highlighted not just the property but the lifestyle it provided. This way, my clients could dictate terms to their buyers. 


We pre-screened every buyer, so we knew each one was well-qualified. It was a very methodical process, which is the opposite of how people usually think of the selling process. Out of 44 showings, we brought in 18 buyers for negotiations. 

Because the marketing on their sale was so strong, my sellers could get the best terms possible. They negotiated with their buyer to stay in the home while they waited for their new house to finish being built. At the end of the day, it worked out for everyone, and it was all because of our strong marketing campaign. 

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